VICA -Multi channel conversational ai platform

Callverso technology  help companies to offer excellent customer service and support, to improve satisfaction, increase loyalty and as a result to increase customers retention rate



The VICA smart assistant is an innovative, smart learning system that adjusts itself
in a targeted way to each customer, both in terms of communication
(technical channel, personality, patience level, and emotional understanding) and in terms of content (how it presents options to the customer). The system identifies the
customers needs through a deep understanding of Hebrew and other languages.

VICA communicates with customers through whatever medium the customer
chooses, first and foremost through its ability to manage free conversation and
complex dialogue, and through text, video, and other layered virtual environments.

The system communicates with its users in the same way that people speak with
each other.

The use of this advanced technology grants customers an empowering and
continuous service experience that is available to them 24 hours a day. As a result,
the system strengthens a company’s relationship with its customers and improves
the service experience they receive. Additionally, the system enables the company
to focus its human resources on complex work that requires human involvement,
while allowing for the reduction of manpower needed to provide services to the
organization’s customers.

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VICA (Virtual Intelligent Customer Agent) is A cutting-edge Conversational AI Platform that empowers Intelligent Virtual Assistant self-service across various voice, text and video channels using powerful natural language processing with connectors to all CRM & RPA market leaders

VICA adds the power of artificial intelligence to the contact center, delivering reasoning and perceptive abilities in serving customers. This is a natural evolution of the traditional human based customer service.
While traditional IVR’s have served the single-channel voice marketplace well in displacing many live-agent interactions, the next-generation customer interface must handle the multiple channel challenge with a level of AI found in Vica solution

VICA Automates many manual / Human / IVR Process and replace them with a cost effective Virtual Agent


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The VICA Conversational AI Platform, from Callverso, was made after a
comprehensive search for an advanced self-service customer service solution. ThisAI and Machine Learning based system enables Clalit customers to access administrative services independently, 24 hours a day, through free-language dialogue and smart chats to book appointments, retrieve information and carry out additional activities.
The VICA Conversational AI Platform is installed on Clalit serves farm and complies with the IT division strict information security standards.
The system successfully handles about 8 million self-service service calls, amounting to a yearly savings of approximately NIS 21 million. Additionally, the system was well-received by customers and contributed to improved services and customer satisfaction.

Marko Gabai  - Technology Manager  Clalit Health Services 

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